Thursday, October 8, 2009

Another comic book for grown ups...

I guess you could say that I've been on a comic book kick lately. After reading "The Living And The Dead" by Jason, I checked the library catalog to see what other Jason comic books they had. Apparently his stuff is pretty sought after because almost everything of his that the library has was checked out or on the holdshelf. I put a hold on a few of his books for myself, and now I'm writing to tell you about the first one that became available to me.

The title of the book is "I Killed Adolf Hitler". I chose not to use a picture of the cover of the book because there is a swastika prominently displayed. While the story does obviously involve Adolf Hitler, I feel that the use of the swastika front and center on the cover was unnecessary and in kind of poor taste. My complaints about the book stop there. The only other thing I have for it is praise.

This is a story set in a reality where hit-man is as common a profession as doctor or lawyer. Our main character is a hit-man who is propositioned with a job to kill Adolf Hitler, as the title suggests. The catch is, the story is set in modern times. Therefore, the hit-man must travel back in time 70 years to accomplish his mission. Things get challenging when Hitler sneaks into the hit-man's time machine and travels into the future 70 years, entering modern day reality while leaving the hit-man in the past. This simple setup may lead you to believe you have an idea of what happens. You don't. The story is wildly creative and surprisingly awesome. 

Overall, this story is satire and dark humor, much like "The Living And The Dead". I found myself laughing out loud pretty often during this comic book. The main difference between this book and "The Living And The Dead" is the use of color and dialogue. The characters are still human bodies with animal heads. But in this book, they're talking. The best thing about the dialogue though is it's brevity. Jason managed to say a whole lot without saying too much. Since there isn't too much dialogue, I whizzed through the comic, but did find myself going back and further inspecting the artwork. As you can see above, it is simple but effective artwork. Nothing too fancy, but the story isn't very fancy. Simple comedy is one of the hardest styles of comedy to use. Jason has nailed it here. And although the book on the surface is simple, there is still room to read between the lines and take away something unique depending on your personality. 

Do yourself a favor and check this comic and this artist out. It will only take a few minutes to read, but will leave you thinking about it for days to come. I'm sure I'll be writing about more Jason comics as they become available to me through the library. If you'd like to buy Jason's comics, you can find them here. If you don't want to spend the money, check your local library. It's worth it.

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