Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Blacklist Royals

(L to R: Jamie/guitar&vocals, Nat/vocals&guitar, Rob/drums&vocals, Eric/bass&vocals, Alex/keys&vocals)Photo by Joshua Black Wilkins

With so much nostalgia for the past these days, it's hard to separate the people who are doing things for the right reasons and the people who are just faking it. I can whole heartedly say that The Blacklist Royals are some of the realest dudes out there. They are a "punk 'n roll"  band from Nashville, TN who plays their own unique style of blue collar, southern tinged punk rock. This spring, the band will be releasing their debut long player for Paper  & Plastick Records entitled "Semper Liberi". 

On Saturday February 27, The Blacklist Royals will be playing The Smiling Moose(1306 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203) here in Pittsburgh. If you're in town, check out this show. With hundreds of shows under their belts, these guys will not disappoint. 
And since they are coming to Pittsburgh, I sent Rob Rufus(drums) some Pittsburgh trivia so that he could seem like a real Burgher once they get here. See what he had to say, check out the correct answers and a couple videos after the jump. 

 1) What Pittsburgh produced television show has been public television's longest running children's program?
a)Sesame Street
c)Captain Kangaroo
d)Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood
Rob: a)Sesame Street for sure

2)What is Wholey's in the Pittsburgh Strip District known for?
a)All night dancing
b)Burgh beer
c)Fresh Seafood
Rob: c)Fresh Seafood
Even though everyone in Pittsburgh eats Perogies 24/7, I think I saw that place when I was out record shopping before the show.  Maybe I am wrong though because I was too busy mentally jerking off to this sealed copy of "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan" I found for cheap as shit haha

3)How many bridges (approximately) exist within the city limits of Pittsburgh (including highway, pedestrian, and railway bridges over 8 ft. long)?
Rob: d)375 (fuck it it sounds impressive) 
4)What hardcore punk band from Pittsburgh was made up of members from The Pist, Aus-Rotten, and Behind Enemy Lines?
a)Voice In The Wire
b)Whatever It Takes
c)Anti Flag
d)Caustic Christ
Rob: b)Whatever It Takes  (I know this is the wrong answer, but I thought Whatever it Takes was fucking awesome and that "green light, yellow light..." song was cool as shit!  Their drummer was totally all over the place trying to showboat and shit so they never sounded that great, but the songs were cool none the less. 
5)What Pittsburgh band that could possibly be described as the real life version of Eddie And The Cruisers are friends and sometimes collaborators with Bruce Springsteen?
a)The Iron City Houserockers
b)Donnie Iris And The Cruisers
c)The Jaggerz
d)Rusted Root
Rob: b)Donnie Iris And The Cruisers (This is just a guess.  I always thought Donnie Iris was in the Jaggerz though so I donno.) 
6)Which actor who portrayed Batman on the big screen is a Pittsburgher?
a)Val Kilmer
b)Michael Keaton
c)George Clooney
d)Christian Bale
Rob: b)Michael Keaton (he just seems like he'd say Yee'nz) 
7)What world famous fast food sandwich was invented near Pittsburgh in 1967?
a)The Whopper
b)The Quarter Pounder with Cheese
c)The Beef N' Cheddar
d)The Big Mac
Rob: c)The Beef N' Cheddar  ( I have no idea what the fuck this is, so it must be right!) 
8)The Pittsburgh sandwich shop famous for putting fries and coleslaw directly on their sandwiches is?
a)Mad Mex
b)Primanti Brothers
d)Square Cafe
Rob: b)Primanti Brothers 
9)What Pittsburgh Steeler legend who was immortalized by "The Immaculate Reception" lives about a block away from me and I see around the neighborhood sometimes?
a)Lynn Swann
b)Terry Bradshaw
c)Franco Harris
d)Kordell Stewart
Rob: b)Terry Bradshaw  ( I think thats right even though I never watch sports because I am still jaded that jocks could get laid in High School when I never ever could, fucking asshole!) 
10)What famous actress left a bad taste in the mouth of Pittsburghers everywhere when while filming a movie in the Burgh in 2006 referred to the city as "Shitsburgh"?
a)Chloe Sevigny
b)Drew Berrymore
c)Christina Ricci
d)Sienna Miller
Rob: b)Drew Berrymore (just a guess because she seems like a fucking moron)
3 out of 10. We'll school you once you get here Rob...haha.
Correct Answers:1)d 2)c 3)c 4)d 5)a 6)b 7)d 8)b 9)c 10)d

Blacklist Royals - "Jolie Blonde" from TCSG on Vimeo.

Blacklist Royals website: HERE 

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