Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What Cheer? Brigade

This morning I had a newsletter in my inbox from the Anchor Brain website. Among other things, the newsletter was announcing the signing of a Providence, Rhode Island band named "What Cheer? Brigade". Here is Anchor Brain's description of the band. "The WHAT CHEER? BRIGADE is a rowdy 19-piece brass band that combines punk rock ethos with the mobility of a marching band. They play loud, fast music that reclaims public space and requires no electricity. Their sound incorporates elements of musical traditions found in Bollywood, Balkan, New Orleans Jazz, Samba, and Punk music; and that’s just the short list. " Does that peak your curiosity? It certainly peaked mine as it appeals to my love of brass marching bands and loud, fast music. Check out the videos below and decide if you are as excited as I am to have been introduced to this band.

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